Static & Retail Security Course

Static & Retail Security Course

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to work under supervision as a security officer performing practical security duties and procedures and responding to security situations in a variety of settings including static and the retail industry.

Course Certification

Successful completion of this Programme leads to three certificates:

QQI Special Purpose Award in Static & Retail Security  Skills at Level 4 (10 Credits)

Security Institute of Ireland Certificate in Static Security

Security Institute of Ireland Certificate in Retail Security

Entry Criteria

To access programmes leading to this award, candidates should have reached the standards of knowledge, skill and competence at Level 3 or Junior Certificate on the National Framework of Qualifications. Achievement of this may be through a formal qualification or relevant life and work experience. This means that entry is largely open to all adult candidates and there are no formal qualifications required to participate.

PSA Requirements

The Private Security Authority is the regulatory authority for the industry. They have also set criteria for entry onto a Programme for the purpose of applying for a license. These criteria include:

You must be competent in the English language

You are asked to provide a utilities bill as evidence of address

There are requirements within the programme and ultimately within employment in the industry to have a working knowledge of the written and spoken English language. English need not be your first language. All prospective candidates will be facilitated to demonstrate their English language competence before the programme commences. The level of English demonstrated must be satisfactory to gain entry onto the course.

Self-Directed Study

Self-directed study is a very important feature of programme success. This is a 100-hour programme of which 30 hours are spent in a classroom environment. The entirety of the programme content will not be covered in this classroom setting. Study must take place away from that environment to achieve success.


The total duration of the Programme is 100 hours. This is broken down as 70 hours self-directed learning or home study and 30 hours face to face classroom-based learning. It is a full time Programme; classroom aspects will be delivered over 4 days. Self-directed learning involves 70 hours practice, study and research outside of the classroom. Delivery of the full programme involves a candidate commitment to both classroom attendance and self-directed learning.

Assessment Summary

There are two techniques used to assess the Programme:

A one-hour 50 question multi-choice written examination.

The practical demonstration of three skills.


As this is a full Programme incorporating a substantial element of self- directed learning, a comprehensive 390-page, 100,000-word manual is available to all candidates. For more extensive research and study, access to the Security Institute library is also available.

Assessment samples and guidelines are provided for the written examination and skills demonstrations. Skills demonstrations practice sessions are an inherent part of programme delivery. A study guide sheet is also available.

Trainers and assessors are experienced in dealing with candidates who may feel restricted due to physical, learning or language challenges. Reasonable accommodation processes are in place. It is advisable that candidates discuss these issues with the  trainer in advance of participation.

While not mandatory, access to, and competency in use of the Internet will benefit candidates. Trainers will provide additional resource references for those who do not have Internet capability.



01 - 11 Jul 24


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